Friday, September 17, 2010

Social Security Disability Appeals: The Grueling Truth

The journey through the applications process for Social Security Disability (SSDI) or Supplement Security Income (SSI) is often a complicated and time consuming process. The procedure to apply for benefits can be straining for many reasons, particularly the because of the success rate. On average, 70 percent of SSDI and SSI applicants are denied benefits when they first apply for disability benefits. Meaning if you are one of these individuals you needn’t feel alone, abandoned, or shocked. Do not give up! Another statistic is an inspirational one -- With a veteran SSI attorney on your side there is no need to feel hopeless and your chances of being approved are increased. Three out of six people who go through the lengthy appeals process will become a SSDI or SSI recipient.

You should educate yourself about the the ins and outs of the system for both applying for benefits and appealing a denial. With the help of any disability attorney your case, rights, and disabilities will be represented. There is no reason to do this alone. A South Carolina SSI attorney can take on the hard tasks, such as the seemingly endless waiting and the exasperating paperwork. Your attorney will help ensure that all the proper documentation is acquired, all deadlines quickly met, and that no errors are made when you apply for benefits. When they do finally win your case, a good disability lawyer will make sure all your income benefits are appropriately calculated, so that you and your loved ones are given the rights deserved.

Just remember that you don’t have to be alone when dealing with the monster machine that is the U.S. government’s Social Security Administration. If you have any questions or concerns regarding applying for benefits, or appealing a denial, please contact us for a consultation.

When Do Do You Need a Lawyer For Social Security Disability?

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a government program that aims to provide a portion of income and medical coverage to disabled children and disabled adults. It grants financial aid to individuals with inadequate means to attain an income on their own, and consequently have meager financial support, or none at all.

This money is given out so that those who meet the income guidelines can provide for their basic necessities such as shelter, clothing, and food.Both children and adults are eligible for social security disability and supplemental security income assistance, granted they meet the necessary requirements to do so.

If you have ever attempted to become a beneficiary of SSI, then you are most likely sensitive to the fact that it can be a time consuming and arduous endeavor. Often times the preliminary application process will be a failure. But applying for SSI can be easier and less confusing. With the help of a an experienced and knowledgeable social security disability attorney, you can rest assured that someone is fighting in your corner to get you the benefits that you deserve, and if your application has been denied a reliable social security disability lawyer can help in your appeals process.

Applying for, or appealing the denial of, social security disability benefits can be an intensely aggravating process, especially when it is for a child. So a lawyer can prove very beneficial in expediting the process. Living with a disability can be hard as it is, you shouldn’t have to go through the tormenting experience of proving to the government that you are disabled. A social security disability attorney can help you in a number of aspects of applying or appealing.

* Analyzing your case and cross referencing it with state regulation
* Offering peace of mind
* Consulting primary physicians and other doctors for medical information and exam results
* Gather medical evidence
* Preparing witnesses to testify
* Taking care of telephone calls, legwork, and paperwork

There are a whole host of other reasons for consulting with a social security disability lawyer that can prove advantageous for your unique situation. It is important to know that you don’t have to be alone when dealing with such crucial matters concerning your livelihood.