Wednesday, October 20, 2010

VA Disability Compensation: Tips On Working With Your Service Representative

Whether you are seeking a claim for post-traumatic stress disorder or an injury on the job, it is always an advantage to have an experienced veterans service representative assist you in the prosecution of a claim for VA disability compensation. Regardless of the nature of the disorder underlying a claim for benefits, these individuals are familiar with veteran’s benefits law and procedures, and can provide more effective representation than trying to handle the claim yourself.

Keep in touch: You should talk to your representative at least once per month while your claim is pending. Whenever you get mail from the VA, call your representative to make sure that he or she has received a copy (as required by VA regulations) and that you understand exactly what it means.

Ask questions: If you do not understand something about your claim, ask about it. Part of your service representative’s responsibility is to ensure that you understand the claims process.

Exercise your judgment: Your service representative is supposed to act in your best interests. However, you are the ultimate decision maker with respect to your claim. Your service representative will tell you if he or she disagrees with what you want to do and why. They can make recommendations, but must do as you instruct.


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