Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Can you Increase your Social Security Payment?

Here's an interesting article that describes 5 ways to increase your payment from Social Security.


  1. Here's part of no. 3 on the list: You may be able to collect on your former spouse's benefits, as long as you were married for at least ten years and are 62 or older. (If you remarry, however, you can't collect based on your first spouse's record -- unless your second trip to the altar ends in divorce, annulment or death.) If your ex-spouse dies, you're entitled to a monthly survivor benefit (even if he or she remarried) equal to 100% of what your ex received during his or her lifetime -- assuming it's higher than your benefit.

    The second sentence had me wondering about what the new spouse will get if you receive that 100%?

  2. From what I've read, life expectancy for Americans is around 70-75, and it could be lower depending on your age and race. I really don't want to wait to collect higher and ironically die on the first day that I collect.